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Your Guide to Value-Based Care for Independent Physicians

Many independent physicians report that value-based care is both exciting and intimidating, promising and perplexing. The model’s emphasis on high-quality medicine and the doctor-patient relationship is accompanied by new terminology, extensive education, and a paradigm shift in your approach to patient care. To cut through the confusion and help you navigate the volume-to-value transition, we’ve …

Zia Khan, MD, on Starting and Growing Her Own Practice

Our “Physician Voices” series empowers doctors to share their unique stories, expert perspectives, and helpful insights. In this Q&A, Dr. Zia Khan of Peachtree Medical Center in Georgia explores the art of listening to patients, partnering to thrive in value-based care, joining her mother’s independent practice, and more. Why did you choose to go into …

Digital Tools That Benefit Physicians, Staff, and Patients

Recent research from the American Medical Association shows that physicians are propelling healthcare’s digital transformation. As Jack Resneck Jr., MD, President of the AMA, noted: These findings illustrate “the importance physicians place on validated digital health tools that improve health while streamlining the technological and administrative burdens faced each day in medicine.” Physicians’ increasing adoption …

Charlotte Grayson, MD, on Empathy, Burnout, and Book Recs

Our “Physician Voices” series empowers doctors to share their unique stories, expert perspectives, and helpful insights. These candid conversations explore key topics, such as cultivating the doctor-patient relationship, operating an independent practice, navigating day-to-day challenges, and reimagining care delivery. By elevating the clinical voice, we aim to enable physicians to transform healthcare in the communities …

Poll: Financial Risk Main Barrier to Value-Based Care

Industry Knowledge

A recent poll suggests that financial risk is the primary barrier for health executives interested in value-based care. What four steps can hospitals and health systems take to begin the volume-to-value transition?

Value-Based Vaccine Innovation in Pediatrics

Pediatrician giving vaccine to child

Pediatrician Nele Jessel, MD, FAAP, VP of Clinical Informatics at Privia Health, weighs in on how recent innovations in vaccine management might make it possible for pediatricians to maximize their reimbursements while delivering the same high-quality care.