Privia Health is securing the future of independent providers. Click below to learn more about the Privia Value App that we provide practices to evaluate a partnership with Privia.

1. Privia Value App

The Privia Value App was developed to help you understand the impact of joining Privia on your practice.

2. Why Join Privia?

This area of the application will give a deeper understanding of what Privia has to offer.

3. Practice Insights

Practice insights shows a small snapshot of the level of intel we provide practices once we have access to their data.

4. Calculate My ROI (New Scenario)

This is the first step in the Calculate My ROI area. You will enter information, that combined with data previously given, will generate an ROI.

5. Calculate My ROI (Results)

This section displays the results of all the information you entered in the scenario creation and allows you to evaluate the three year pro-forma.

6. Our Journey Together

This section details Privia’s strategy to move from a fragmented, fee-for-service, high-cost marketplace to an integrated, value-oriented market.