Sonal Patel, MD

Sonal Patel

At Privia, seeing that everything is physician-led helps us navigate moving into this next chapter of medicine knowing our opinions are valued and they’re helping us go where we need to be.

Azita Moalemi, MD

A company like Privia facilitates the presentation of information to the patients. Physicians are so busy and we don’t have IT information and backgrounds. We need partners who can help us implement technology to help the patient. So people can log onto the portal, they look at their medicines, look at their test results and …

Rachel Gunter, MA

Our medical group is our most important resource right now. Any questions I have there is someone there to answer. Then I can focus more on the patient part of the practice.

Sumi Sexton, MD

Since joining Privia, we’ve had better base rates all around. Now we’re actually able to demonstrate our quality and achieve quality contracts.

Elizabeth Flynn, MD

During medical school, I thought that practicing medicine was a lot more glamorous. They didn’t teach you the business part of it. I also didn’t anticipate all the change that came to medicine, not only in the economics of it, but in the implementations of the EHR and computers.

Benjamin Lee, MD

We’re not a practice that dreams of seeing more patients. It’s a matter of spending more quality time with patients. Having a network like Privia helps us do that.