Rachel Gunter4

  We’ll have kids that come in and won’t even want to look at us, or are miserable being here and wondering why they are here.   One of my favorite things is when you get a turning point, and the kid comes in and smiles at you. Or the parent comes in and knows …

Sonal Patel4

  My dad is a dentist, and when he was in practice he told me: It’s a privilege to be able to take care of other people. I treat it that way every day in my practice, that it’s a privilege for us to be a part of these families.

Jim Jenkins5

  My wife’s a physician too, so talking with the kids almost every day we had a story about an unusual case, or a diagnosis we made.   I’d tell my kids, “There’s not many jobs where someone really thanks you like 20 times a day.” And in medicine, they do. Most of my patients …

Joel Meshulam

What would I tell my patients? Buy low, sell high. Don’t play the ponies. You’ve got to hear this new band that I love!   I think what I say to most of my patients, either at their physical or other times when I’m taking care of them is, “Treat your health like a job.”

Benjamin Lee3

  I think the one thing I would change about healthcare is the administrative red tape behind insurance companies.   A lot of times both the patient and the doctors are burdened with having to understand new rules year-to-year, what’s covered, what’s not covered. That is probably the most challenging part.

Viet Nguyen4

  I have the same challenges my patients have. We have long hours, we’re stuck in traffic, and we are eating on the go.

Elizabeth Flynn4

  I would have patients go to their primary care doctor rather than the urgent care.   I think the growth in urgent care has decreased a lot of the continuity in care of our patients because they are seen by two or three different practitioners.

Azita Moalemi4

  There are a lot of physicians that are burning out. One of my biggest fears is that we spend so much time doing things that don’t help patients, but are about paperwork and clicking the right button on an electronic health record.   I lose sleep thinking, “Did I miss something that was important …


  When you’re making medical decisions for patients, we explain all of the options so that we make decisions as a team. Because at the end of the day we’re making suggestions. We want them to feel comfortable asking questions and accepting our answers because they feel it’s a trustful relationship.


  There was a wonderful study done by a Harvard professor who looked at big data to determine the things we can do in this country to prevent premature death and disability. The top five things…